Episcopalians United Against Racism (EUAR) is an independent alliance of anti-racist Episcopalians from parishes primarily based in the Episcopal Diocese of North Carolina. We are part of a growing movement of community members and people of faith who have devoted ourselves to the long-term, transformative work of creating racially equitable systems and organizations.  

To learn more, download our EUAR Brochure or contact us at [email protected].

Our Mission 

As members of Episcopalians United Against Racism, we strive to better understand the root causes of systemic racism while building a broad coalition of anti-racist Episcopalians. We are committed to transformational change individually as well as communally, with the goals of

  • Internalizing the inseparability of racial equity and anti-poverty work, and
  • Engaging with people from all backgrounds to challenge structures that perpetuate white supremacy in an age of “colorblindness.”

Our History

EUAR began in July of 2014 when several Episcopalians from multiple parishes connected at a two-racial equity workshop in Durham, North Carolina. After realizing the natural connection between our faith and our interest in anti-racism work, we began to meet regularly over lunch to unpack this new awareness and to create a forum where Episcopalians could engage deeply in an analysis of equity in a faith-based setting. What began as a small discussion group has evolved into a broad network of anti-racist Episcopalians and other faith and community leaders who are committed to the elimination of racial inequities and to the spiritual practice of radical welcome.

What We Do

As members of EUAR, we are committed to the ongoing, long-term practice of anti-racism.  With God’s help . . .


  • We learn a new analysis of historical, institutional, and cultural racism at an in-depth racial equity training (see Workshops for more information).
  • We commit to internalizing the new analysis through active study and repeated training attendance.
  • We seek to see and understand the commonality of structural racism across all systems such as religion, education, health, finance, housing, and the criminal legal system.


  • We prayerfully reflect on, discuss and deepen our awareness of how the new way of understanding racism is grounded in our Christian faith.
  • We build connections with anti-racist organizers, caucuses and discussion groups in The Episcopal Church, from other faith traditions, and in our larger communities.
  • We foster authentic relationships based on mutual respect and accountability.


  • We speak truthfully about the historical construction of race as a means of institutionalizing advantage for white people.
  • We expose the invisible power of implicit biases that perpetuate internalized superiority for white people and internalized oppression for people of color.
  • We highlight the consistently disparate outcomes benefitting white people compared with people of color in all systems.


  • We respond effectively to racially biased language, actions, and events.
  • We engage actively with anti-poverty ministries grounded in a racial equity framework and analyze all ministries using a racial equity lens.
  • We support anti-racist initiatives and events in our parishes, in our diocese, and in the larger community; both personally and financially.

EUAR Founding Members

                 Rev. Javier Almendarez Bautista                       

  • The Rev. Monnie Riggin serves as Deacon of St. Joseph's Episcopal Church in Durham, NC and also as Deacon for Anti-Racism and Reconciliation for the Episcopal Diocese of NC.
  • DeDreana Freeman is a former Vestry Member and active Lay Leader of St. Philip's Episcopal Church in Durham, NC.
  • The Rev. Dr. Jeanine Driscoll serves as Rector Time Certain of St. Thomas of Canterbury Episcopal Community in Albuquerque, NM.
  • The Rev. Javier Almendárez Bautista serves as Associate Rector of St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Cary, NC.
  • Cathy Rimer-Surles is an active member of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Durham, NC.

Contact us at [email protected].